Workspace Design for Deep Work

Work that is creative or intellectually complex (such as programming) usually benefits from some amount of deep focus time that is uninterrupted by distractions. It also usually benefits from some amount of collaboration with colleagues. What makes a work environment most conductive for this kind of work? This topic is meant to include practical suggestions that work.

Low-distraction Environment — Pick a peaceful office space that's devoid of visual or auditory distractions, has natural light, and has walls and doors for discretionary privacy.
Schedule Focus time — Schedule periods of multi-hour focus without distractions. Have a way to signal this to teammates. Enforce the discipline by eliminating potential distractions. Consider turning off your phone, not checking email, and even installing software the disables your browser or certain websites or your email client.
Group Cadence — Have a synchronized team cadence where everyone focuses independently during the same time period, interspersed with periods of interaction (perhaps around mealtimes). Allow interruptions during focus times for sufficiently urgent matters, or for matters where one person's high-priority work is blocked by another's.
Batch Administrative Tasks — Minimize the time and attention required to complete administrative tasks, and collect these tasks into infrequent batches.