Scientific Study Requests

There are important questions that science can answer, but hasn't yet. Add them here. These can provide scientists with research inspiration and provide a place to connect their research with those interested.

If an existing study addresses one of these topics, please reference it next to the topic.


How do people's behaviors change as they move up or down the socioeconomic ladder? — What characterizations differ across socioeconomic cohorts? Which are the same? How does this depend on culture, biology, and their socioeconomic starting and ending points? Are the rich more or less honest, permiscuous, or substance-using? How does their social and emotional life change? Knowledge around these questions would inform social policy — perhaps there are better and worse socioeconomic distributions for the societal outcomes we want.
What do people who can do anything do? Consider people with the most expansive choice set available to an individual — they're smart, athletic, attractive, socially likeable, rich, and pedigreed. They can live nearly anywhere, understand nearly anything, know nearly anyone, buy nearly anything. They're powerful. What do they tend to do? Do they spend their lives for the betterment of humanity? Do they become hedonists and degenerate into materialism, status-seeking, and drug-use? Does this reveal something fundamental or enlightening or dangerous about human nature? Does it suggest how to identify those whose power should be limited or nurtured?
Do we have free will?


Actionable Guidance on Diet — Diet significantly impacts our health and performance, and yet there's a lot of confusion and missing knowledge about the impacts of what we consume. What works for nearly everyone? What doesn't? How can we discover the personal impacts of each food?


Is it more conducive to understanding to state an idea and illustrate it with examples, or to lead with examples and then draw out the generalization?